ron swanson is such a great comedic character because he’s a libertarian and libertarians are hilarious

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yesthisisfish: your fictional thing is your fictional thing, I just wasnt sure was all =)

that is legit the most levelheaded response I’ve gotten from someone who doesn’t ship it
thank you for being so sweet :)

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Current mood: Jon Snow in a blizzard.

yesthisisfish: Arent Booker and Elizabeth related? Am I confusing something here? It's been a while since I played.

yes they are related
and i still ship them to the grave and back
but if that’s not your thing i totally understand!!
i tag all of my bookerbeth as “bookerbeth” and/or “bookerbeth for ts” so you can blacklist it if it bothers you!!

Anonymous: Booker and Elizabeth joining the Mile High Club.

booker and liz being the most prolific members of the mile high club

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finally got a replacement tube of my favorite lipstick!!

Anonymous: I think If Beth would weeping a lil longer Booker would change coordinates

you’re probably right tbh

Anonymous: okokok I just replaying infinite and now Im on 'the first lady' and how do you think what I see? I see how liz crying and then hitting booker BUT he did nothing to stop her!!! I mean, this badass took his new skyhook from policeman and even not blink in that action, BUT he let tiny girl who do everything in her's power just only holding this wrench but spent one hour to swing it just knock down him. our tiny weeping columbian belle had a big effect on our terrible beast of america

this is now my favorite message ever

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