anon i’m sure that you already know this but i’ll be gone all day for rush
if i don’t respond to any of your messages it’s because i don’t have time to check my phone
just assume that i want you to send as much as you want



Imagine your icon as a lingerie model


ambassadormontilyet: this is probably weird coming from a stranger, but you are incredibly cute ;A; you're so adorable! have a great day!

ahhhhh thank you so much!! ;;
this isn’t weird at all, really, i really really appreciate it
i’m feeling really inadequate compared to the other girls participating in rush, so this means a lot ;;


live fast die young female characters in videogames do it well

Anonymous: Cute so hard motherfuckers wanna fine ya

that shit cray

i’m not sure that i’m cuting sufficiently

Anonymous: that's mine headcanon about booker's childhood to you: he is an orphan and his mother was killed in firefight trying cover him from bullet. goodbye now

cries a lot


dragon age: inquisition — character creation, x